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Get to know the Delivery Biz PRO team.

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Get to know the Delivery Biz PRO team.

Delivery Biz PRO has deep roots in software development - our team has been developing online solutions since 1998 for companies like Comcast, Qwest, DirecTV, Western Union, Fox Racing Shox and Dell - to name a few. We've built applications that control oil and gas wells throughout the world remotely through cell phone modems and satellites for Exxon, and we've spent our time on submarines doing communications work for the Navy. We've also held bake sales to raise funds for our local schools, we volunteer as coaches, we're involved with our local churches, we spend time with our families, and we like to go camping with the bears.

Delivery Biz PRO's software is geared towards a specific scope of delivery industries - organics, grocery, dairy, csa, water, meal service, and diaper delivery. These industries all share a basic need of recurring delivery on set days - once per week, several times a week, every other week, once per month, etc. - which is a major facet of our software. We also work with companies from other industries - such as propane delivery and water delivery - but they aren't in our core wheelhouse.

Our software service is most likely different than any other you have experienced before. We take a very active role in the well-being of our clients - giving guidance and consultation in many different areas of the business process. The high comes from seeing you succeed - doubling your customer numbers - doubling your sales - quadrupling the number of turkeys you sell this year...those are the things we get excited about.

About Delivery Biz Pro - Get to know the team

The Delivery Biz PRO team was created in January of 2007 to focus directly on software solutions for the home & commercial delivery industries within the farm-to-table movement. This branch is solely dedicated to improving and automating the business processes for this specific genre.

Through early success with several local Colorado dairies and organics companies, Delivery Biz PRO has been able to grow it's system to be the premiere online home delivery solution that covers all aspects of day to day business - providing a complete solution for business owners and consumers alike. We have proven software that serves over 100 clients across the globe delivering to in excess of 600,000 end customers - from the US and Canada to Jamaica, the UK, and Australia.

Delivery Biz PRO currently employs 11 full-time staff who are all avidly involved with the community, outdoor activities and mountain living. We aren't your average company of suits behind desks...we are passionate people, helping other passionate people solve problems and setup efficiencies through our software. We're big fans of the farm to table movement...and putting local organic/natural goodness into the hands of consumers.

Located "in the middle of history" - an 1860's brick building in downtown Longmont - our location lends itself to great ideas and inspiring views into the past. Come visit us if you're in the area...we'd love to show you around downtown - you'll most likely pass our office as you're heading for coffee at Ziggi's coffee shop, or enjoying a brew at the Dickens pub.

We look forward to learning more about your business, please let us know if you have any questions about ours!

Meet Our Team

Delivery Biz Pro - Judd
Delivery Biz Pro - Erick
Delivery Biz Pro - Dmitry
Delivery Biz Pro - Asad
Delivery Biz Pro - Jeff
Delivery Biz Pro - Igor
Delivery Biz Pro - Max
Delivery Biz Pro - Hanna
Delivery Biz Pro - Sherami
Delivery Biz Pro - Max L
Delivery Biz Pro - Nick
Delivery Biz Pro - Lee
Delivery Biz Pro - Diep
Delivery Biz Pro - Vitaliy

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Delivery Biz Pro - Judd

Judd - Founding Principal, CEO

"When I first started out in software development back in 1998 - the web was in its infancy. Through the years it has been exciting to see it develop into a full-fledged commerce channel that allows companies big & small to capture more sales, become more efficient, and reach larger audiences.

My goal in this career has been simple: listen to the client, and build solutions that give them results. At DBP we try not to give you "tech-speak" - we tell it like it is, and educate our clients on the best options for their business...that is what has made us successful.

What do I do for fun? If I'm not working, I'm on 2 wheels...or 1 wheel...depending on the day."

Delivery Biz Pro - Erick

Erick - Principal, CFO

"I'm a planner...most of my life has been spent managing businesses, or making them more efficient. When I joined DBP in 2007, it was refreshing to be a part of a team that actually cared about their customers and were making a difference in their businesses.

I grew up in Colorado - then moved to Iowa with my first's good to be back home in the Rocky Mountains doing something I love!

What do I do for fun? If not working, I'm most likely being forced to head up a ridiculously difficult trail in the mountains on my Honda CR...Judd has tried to kill me multiple times now...I barely escaped Moab with a broken wrist."

Delivery Biz Pro - Dmitry

Dmitry - Senior Developer

"I've been with the partners at DBP since 2001 - some would say that I have a fetish for beatings and brain damage. It's rewarding work - I enjoy helping DBP solve problems through programming, and watching the new feature rollouts each month.

What do I do for fun? Fishing, hanging with the family...spending time in the mountains...trying to avoid riding with Judd & Erick."

Delivery Biz Pro - Asad

Asad - Senior Web Developer

"I am a passionate programmer, working day in and day out to improve the quality of software products and user experience. My professional career has been an ever learning and growing period, 5 years in the industry and I still feel my thirst to learn new technologies and improve existing ones like it was the first day. I love to code and love to see my code in action. I really feel good when my work turns out to be helpful for the business as well as the end users. I believe that one should always do what he loves and finds peace in, which then becomes his reason for success. Bring it ON!"

Delivery Biz Pro - Jeff

Jeff - Senior Developer

I have been developing websites for over 8 years for clients ranging in size from small businesses all the way up to national brands. I look at every new project as an adventure and find passion in tackling the new challenges each project may bring. The constant changing of the web development industry keeps me on my toes and allows me to learn new concepts.

For fun I love going into the mountains and soaking up the beauty through the lens of my camera. I also enjoy building remote control airplanes and then trying not to crash them. When I can get to warmer water I love to go scuba diving off of coral reefs and shipwrecks. While the weather is sour I enjoy tinkering with any new tech I can get my hands on.

Delivery Biz Pro - Igor

Igor - Senior Developer

I have been working in IT since 1993. For at least 12 years of that I've been focused on web-based projects and in e-commerce solutions. However, I'm still thirsty for new knowledge :) I'm passionate about the farm to table movement like most people here - and I think it's why people choose our platform. It gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing that our software delivers local organic goodness to customers worldwide!

For fun, I love spending time with my family. I also enjoy learning and teaching martial arts, especially Aikido.

Delivery Biz Pro - Max

Max - Senior Web Developer

I've been working in IT since 1998. I started off in the accounting software industry with FoxBase and FoxPro, and in 2000 switched to web technonolgies. Initially I started developing mail applications with Perl, and in 2003 joined a major software company where I spent quite a bit of time developing e-commerce solutions based on PHP. I also worked with cloud solutions (AWS / DigitalOcean) and single page applications (Backbone / Phalcon). Over the years I've acquired a broad range of skills and knowledge, from CSS3 / SVG / Bootstrap to TDD and NoSQL solutions (Redis / MemBase).

In my free time, I enjoy sports activities and practice playing the guitar with my daughter.

Delivery Biz Pro - Hanna

Hanna - Customer Satisfaction Manager

My ultimate goal in life is to find people who are in need of help and just doing what needs to be done. I am excited to be with the DBP family, they are so helpful and upbeat.

Living in Michigan, I love being outdoors. There is just something ideal about the smell of new hydrangeas blooming in the spring, the humidity in the summer, the color of maple leaves in the fall, and the fact that there is always a Florida to go to in the winter. I love baking, drawing, painting, home improvement projects (usually involves a bucket of paint), and sometimes even cleaning.

Delivery Biz Pro - Sherami

Sherami - Director of Client Services

I’m passionate about listening to people and my role at Delivery Biz PRO allows me to do just that! I love helping clients understand the system from the git-go, and spend time making sure everyone is organized in the process. I’m proud that our company helps nearly 600k people across the globe get better access to fresh food…

When I’m not working I’m usually enjoying the outdoors - hiking, biking, boating - anything in the mountains or on the water!

Delivery Biz Pro - Max L

Max L - Senior Web Developer

I'm a developer focused on building awesome web apps using PHP, JavaScript, AngularJs and HTML5, as well as integrating third-party APIs and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google services. I've got over 10 years of experience in the industry, and love building out new functionality in our platform that people all over the world will use! I like to dabble in NodeJs, Ruby and high-load scenarios...

In my free time I like working out at the gym or swimming at the pool. I get together with friends or family and hangout - eat some good food - and have a good time :)

Delivery Biz Pro - Nick

Nick - UI/UX Manager

I am a forward-thinking designer with 17 years of industry experience who is highly motivated, creative, and versatile. My innovative ideas, inspiring designs and artistic drive come to life in all avenues, from advertising to social, and print to online.

I am a daddy to 2 wonderful girls, 3 dogs, 1 cat and many fish. I love being outside with all of my kids, watching movies and gaming when I get a free moment - which is very rare!

Delivery Biz Pro - Lee

Lee - Senior Developer

I have been working in website development for more than 5 years. I love to work on backend & frontend solutions to build great products that are useful & improve human life. I enjoy working in a professional environment and DBP is an ideal place to meet new people and learn new things.

I like to play sports in my free time. I also enjoy hanging out with my pets and anything that keeps my mind free.

Delivery Biz Pro - Diep

Diep - Senior Developer

I believe that being a Developer is one of the most creative jobs. I have been working in web development for more than 5 years. I love the feeling of resolving seemingly unresolvable issues and understanding how complex applications work and how they can help shape the world.

In my free time, I often practice Yoga, read books, discover the inner-self, play sports and joke around with my friends. "Life is fun, as long as you enjoy it" - trust me!

Delivery Biz Pro - Vitaliy

Vitaliy - Senior Developer

I started with programming back in 1995. I worked over 10 years creating system services and security solutions. Web development was a hobby at the time, but later I decided to make the switch to it full time. I have been developing and growing my skills for the past 7 years in the web industry and enjoy it very much!

In my free time I like to swim, play or walk with my child.

Delivery Biz Pro - Tiffany

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