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The Industries Our Home Delivery Software Serves

The Delivery Biz Pro software is designed to help small businesses be successful in the home delivery industry. If your company is centered around recurring deliveries, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or some other integer, then we want to help. The DBP software is a full-service software that handles all the intricacies of a delivery business from your online marketplace to secure customer billing to empowering your drivers and generating delivery routes.

If you’re wondering if the Delivery Biz Pro software is right for your business, keep reading to learn about the industries we serve. Or, save some time and get in touch with us! We’d love to hop on the phone, discuss your business model, and see if we’re a good match. At the end of the day, we’re not going to sell you a delivery software that won’t work for your business — that won’t be good for us, for you, or for your customers. If your business is centered around recurring deliveries, you have an existing customer base or plans to grow one, and you’re ready to be successful in the delivery space, then take two minutes to fill out our home delivery software application and we’ll schedule a good time to chat.  

Otherwise, if you want to learn more about what Delivery Biz Pro can do for your industry, keep reading!

The Industries We Love To Help

Dairy Delivery

Dairy deliveries looked to be a thing of the past as supermarkets promised cheap and always-available milk, seemingly eliminating the need for a “milkman.” But trends for recurring milk and dairy deliveries are swinging back up as more and more people want to know where their milk is coming from, support local farmers, and have the freshest milk possible. With the increase in customers, farmers benefit from a home delivery software for milk and dairy products.

The dairy delivery industry functions differently than other food industries, so a dairy delivery software that meets the intricate needs of this industry is essential in running a successful business.

Produce Delivery

Between CSAs and the emergence of the farm-to-table movement, there are more opportunities than ever for local farmers to break into the home delivery market. Our home delivery software for produce gives your customers the ability choose what is coming in their produce box for the week while keeping things streamlined on your end. And while our software is perfect for home deliveries, it can also be used to execute commercial deliveries and allow customers to pick up fresh produce directly from your farm or a meeting location.

Meal Kit Delivery

It seems like every week a new flyer comes in the mail promising the freshest food from the latest meal kit delivery. Between Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and Home Chef, you can find yourself wondering, “How is my small farm business going to keep up with the Big Guys?” With the right home delivery software, you can. With Delivery Biz Pro, you will get a gorgeous website that is easy for customers to navigate and industry-specific features that allow your meal kit delivery service to thrive. Our home delivery software helps create logical ordering, packing, and delivery processes to streamline your service. You can worry about providing your customers with fresh produce and ingredients and let us worry about route assignment and making sure the orders get where they need to go.

Water Delivery

Water delivery services is one of the largest markets in the world. From schools to hospitals to bars to homes, people love having clean, great-tasting drinking water on hand. With our water delivery software, your customers will have access to a beautifully designed, modern online marketplace that makes subscribing to your water service easy. Customers can go in themselves and establish their order size and frequency. Our commercial and home delivery software will handle the rest with automated billing, route assignment, and a mobile app for your drivers to help each delivery get made on time and with accuracy.

And More!

Of course, recurring home deliveries are not limited to water, meals, produce, and dairy. These are just a few examples. Our delivery software also helps out the propane industry, meat and egg deliveries, pre-made meal deliveries, and more. If you’re not sure if we’re a good fit, just ask!

Customizable Delivery Software For Your Industry

You’re probably thinking that one software can’t possibly handle the needs of all of the industries above. Well, we thought that too. So, we created a plethora of customizable features in our software program to meet the needs of various industries. That way, you don’t have to settle for a sub-par delivery software and you certainly don’t need to buy multiple software solutions. The day-to-day operations of a propane delivery provider and a meal kit delivery service are going to be vastly different, but with DBP, our team is here to help you use your software exactly how you need to.  

We continually update our software to meet the needs of the industries we serve. After all, as your industry changes you need a home delivery software that can keep up. From an unwavering commitment to data security to finding new ways to improve the experience of your customers, your drivers, and your staff, Delivery Biz Pro is here to not only be your software provider, but your software partner.

Discover A Better Home Delivery Software Today

As the home delivery industry grows, we are committed to keeping up. Based out of Colorado, our team of software developers, web developers, and customer service experts are here to make sure your software and website keep serving you so you can focus on serving your customers.

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