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Five Ways To Offer a More Customized Buying Experience

Savvy business owners know that the key to building customer loyalty and driving sales is through offering a customized buying experience. It’s not enough to just market to the masses. Potential customers want variety and the option to customize orders — and they believe businesses (no matter how large or small) should be able to accommodate. Unfortunately, customized orders and the highly personalized communication that goes with it can be challenging and can take a significant amount of time.

If your business is struggling to meet high customer expectations, Delivery Biz Pro is here to help. In today’s post, we’re going to discuss some of the features and tools that can be found in our delivery management software. It can help you keep track of all of the details so you can do more and offer more to your customers. Here are just a few of the things that Delivery Biz Pro can do for you.

Send Personalized, Automated Emails

Using a system to send emails automatically isn’t anything new, but there are still some small companies that are still doing it the hard way. Even if you have email automation, are you making an effort to send out highly personalized emails, or are you just sending a one-size-fits-all note? 

Just because you’re using an automated system to send out emails, that doesn’t mean it has to look as if you are. Emails should be sent at specific times that are relevant to the customer — after signing up for emails, after making a purchase, after receiving their order, and so forth. Ideally, each email should also contain unique information that is specific to that customer including their name, order details, reminders about upcoming deliveries, and suggestions for future orders based on past buying preferences. This level of personalization can be difficult to achieve — unless you have the right tools to help you do it. 

Control Customer Accounts With Ease

Expanding your customer base while allowing for more customization means a significant increase in complexity. This requires a system that is robust enough to help you handle all of the moving parts. With Delivery Biz Pro, you can easily track orders, see past account activity, and make changes to profile data. Customers that want to pause their service while on vacation may do so, and you can manage it with ease by setting up a hold during the specified date range. Need to alert a driver about a specific customer request? It’s no problem — simply make a note in their account and the message will be relayed.  

Track Customer Notes and Conversations

Customer communication can happen in many ways — emails, text messages, phone conversations, and so forth. Every conversation and every interaction can offer useful information and an opportunity to improve the customer experience. Delivery Biz Pro can help you track all of your customer communications in one convenient location. With our delivery management software, you can set reminders, establish recurring notes, and even track all of your phone conversations. Never miss out on another opportunity because you forgot to follow-up. 

Send Automatic Order Reminders

Increase the frequency of repeat orders by sending automatic alerts to customers who have purchased before. Delivery Biz Pro makes it easy to track customer orders and then use that data to set up automatic messages reminding them that it might be time to order again. Your customers will appreciate having one less thing to remember and you’ll appreciate more order consistency. 

Offer Order Suggestions

Amazon is the master at increasing sales through product recommendations and now you can do the same with Delivery Biz Pro. When customers enter the shopping section of your website, they can see the full list of product offerings as well as suggestions for products they may like based on their browsing history. It’s like having their own personal shopping assistant, every time they visit the website.

Do It All With Delivery Biz Pro

Managing a subscription delivery business offers many challenges, but the experts at Delivery Biz Pro are here to provide solutions that can help you optimize your business, improve the customer experience, and just do more. Are you interested in learning about all of the ways Delivery Biz Pro can help? Contact a member of our team today.