Dairy Management Software

Tips For Growing your Produce Delivery Business

CSAs are thriving during the pandemic. An uncertain food supply, sheltering at home, and a desire to support local businesses have spurred a greater interest in signing up for CSA memberships. However, while there are more opportunities for growth, CSAs delivering boxes of produce, dairy, and meat still have to deal with the challenges of expanding their business while also meeting the higher expectations of today’s consumer. Let’s discuss how to not only meet those challenges–but exceed them.

Provide Personalized Service

Whether your business is booming or you’re trying to find new ways to grow or outpace the competition, more customers than ever have high expectations for personalized and customizable service. This means you should be communicating with your customers regularly in a way that is relevant to them. Delivery Biz Pro allows you to automatically send custom order confirmations, delivery reminders, and invoices. It can also help you reach out to customers that you haven’t heard from in a while and entice them with announcements about new product offerings or coupons.   

Shoppers have not only come to expect frequent communication from the places they do business with, but they also want to be able to customize orders and make last-minute changes. This can create additional complexity for a CSA if they don’t have an effective way to manage it all. Fortunately, our CSA software makes it easy to keep track of every last detail so you can deliver on customer expectations without skipping a beat.     

Create Additional Sales Opportunities

One of the easiest ways to grow your business is to increase your average basket size. One way to do that is by cross-selling items related to the ones your shoppers are already looking for. With DBP, you can set up cross-selling opportunities based on your customers’ previous order history — and even offer them at a promotional discount, if you wish. 

Software Made Specifically For CSAs

One of the biggest reasons to choose Delivery Biz Pro is because it was designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of the produce delivery business. Because the goods you are selling are seasonal, we’ve designed our software with features that support that seasonality. For instance, you can set date ranges for product availability and items will only show on your website during those dates specified. You can also set up pre-orders so you can gather real data on how much you’ll need when it comes time for delivery. 

Speed Up Delivery Time

One challenge of growing a CSA business that delivers is trying to figure out how to optimize logistics.  Timeliness is particularly important when it comes to perishable products, and of course, an increase in efficiency leads to an increase in profit. With Delivery Biz Pro, your drivers will not only have the most efficient route at their fingertips, but with our mobile app, you can also quickly communicate order changes, take payments, text customers, and more. 

Market, Manage, and Communicate With One User-Friendly Platform

Managing a business is challenging enough without having to worry about multiple costly software programs to help keep track of it all. Delivery Biz Pro has all the tools you need so you can see and do everything in one place. Need a professionally designed website? No problem. Need help with CRM so you can track orders, send emails to your customers, and manage account changes? Delivery Biz Pro does that too. In fact, DBP offers solutions to help you manage and excel at just about every step in the process, including:

  • Customer management
  • Order management
  • Route optimization
  • Communication with customers
  • Reporting and data management 
  • Communication with your drivers
  • And more

With Delivery Biz Pro, you’ll get everything you need — whether you’re a small farm with just a dozen customers or a large produce delivery business with hundreds of customers, our software is built to help your business grow. Contact a member of our team to schedule a free demo today.