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Tips On Enhancing Customer Service In The Delivery Business

The subscription delivery business is booming —  especially since many people are staying at home more, avoiding stores as much as possible, and looking for simple ways to make their lives easier. As more businesses enter the subscription arena, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you’re providing your customers with the best service possible. 

The way to enhance customer service is to evaluate the things that are most important to your customers. So, what are the key elements of providing excellent service when you’re in the subscription delivery business? Here are just a few.

 On-Time Delivery

When you promise to deliver something at a specific time or on a particular date, your customer trusts that it will be there. Avoid late deliveries whenever possible, but delivering early may not be seen as a good thing either. If your customer isn’t home, isn’t available, or just isn’t ready to receive their goods, arriving early may be perceived as a negative for your business.

Accurate Orders

Although order accuracy is clearly one of the top things you’ll be evaluated on, it can be difficult to achieve with an increasing demand for more choices, more variety, and special order requests. That’s where delivery software can help. Using technology can help make sure that you’re delivering 100% of your orders, 100% of the time. Do this, and you’ll see customer loyalty increase.

Product Meets Food Safety Requirements

When you’re in the business of delivering perishable products, you have to make sure that you’re able to deliver them quickly while keeping them at the proper temperature. Raw meat, milk, and refrigerated or frozen meal kits have to stay cold. Hot, cooked meals from a restaurant need to stay hot. If you’re delivering a combination of items, things can get complicated, quickly. It’s vital to have a way to manage everything so you can keep hot and cold foods separate and then be able to marry up all elements of an order once you arrive at the destination.  

Special Requests Are Met

Nowadays, customers have come to expect that they’ll be able to customize their orders. Whether they are making these requests to meet dietary restrictions or to just suit their preferences, managing these exceptions can be difficult. However, it’s something that subscription delivery businesses should strive to do. Being able to meet the desires of your customers is the easiest way to gain long-term loyalty.

Product Is Properly Packed 

Product packaging is incredibly important for ensuring a successful delivery. Not only do you need to make sure that your products are being held at the proper temperatures, but when you’re dealing with liquid products like soups, sauces, and beverages, for example, you have to take into account the challenges of keeping these items contained. 

You can do this by buying the right kind of packaging that will hold your goods securely. Or, you may want to perform some test runs to see for yourself how everything arrives after traveling down a bumpy road or getting jolted from a quick stop at a traffic light. Better yet, you should also be requesting — and reviewing — your customer feedback. If an order arrives with only half of it in the container because the rest has spilled in the bag, you’re likely to hear about it. 

Manage Exceptions

No one is perfect. Things happen. There will be times where an unforeseen traffic jam will delay a delivery. When those out-of-the-ordinary occurrences happen, the best thing you can do is to manage those exceptions by communicating with your customers as quickly as possible. Most people will understand circumstances that are out of your control — as long as you don’t forget to tell them about it. Showing up three hours late and then explaining that you got caught behind an accident on the highway will likely make your customer think twice before they order from you again. 

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