Case Study

Despite a Pandemic, Arizona Dairy Farm Launches Home Delivery and Adds 4,000 Subscribers

The Start

All of our customers always said, “Why not home delivery?”

Those were the words of Rey Garcia, the home delivery manager at Arizona’s storied dairy farm, Danzeisen Dairy, known for its glass bottles.

The family farm focused on the purity of their product, has been on shelves in Arizona markets for more than 5 years but had shied away from subscription home delivery due to the hot Arizona weather and concerns about keeping milk cold if customers weren’t home.

However, with most people sheltering at home during the coronavirus pandemic, Danzeisan shifted. Kevin Danzeisen, the owner, “doesn’t like being steady. He always asks, ‘What’s Next?’” Garcia said.

So starting in April, they signed up with our all-in-one eCommerce and Subscription Delivery Software, Delivery Biz Pro, and by mid-May, the system was up and running. By the end of May, they already had 1,000 customer sign-ups. In other words, the milkman was back.

How It Happened

Danzeisen Dairy, with its all-natural flavored milk like strawberry milk and banana milk, is well-known and already at hundreds of retail stores in Arizona. It’s famed for its glass bottles, which you can return to the store to get your $2 deposit back.

So while it’s not hard to imagine why fans of Danzeisen whole milk, lemonade, and root beer would want to sign up for home delivery, the company couldn’t just launch home delivery by snapping its fingers. Their retail operation runs on a distinct system—they needed a whole new software for home delivery, and an eCommerce tailored to consumers. There was also the issue of buying new trucks, maintaining them, and dealing with any breakdowns.

However, at least five factors led to a successful launch. First, it took just two days for the staff to get comfortable with the Delivery Biz Pro system. Second, the Danzeisen sales team could easily add products, hide, or remove them from their backend view, according to Garcia. Third, customers said the website was simple to navigate from the start, Garcia said. Fourth, the Biz Pro system makes it easy to add products from local producers, making Danzeisen a one-stop-shop for local makers of products from all-natural peanut butter to popular Baked Chemistry cookies. And finally, the team didn’t have to think about driver routing, billing, or inventory; drivers, equipped with the Biz Pro app, only have to push a button to note that a product is missing from an order or a customer returned a bottle, and the customer’s bill is updated and accurate.

Garcia is happy with the rapid launch.

“I don’t think we could have done it without Biz Pro’s system. They made it easy to hit the ground running,” Garcia said.

Homemade Horchata with Danzeisen’s Milk

Cream Rises To The Top

Still, even Garcia didn’t expect 1,000 home delivery sign-ups in two weeks, which surpassed 4,000 by August, so many that the company had to put many on a waitlist as it waits for brand new trucks to arrive any day.

The results? For June, even during a pandemic-induced recession, Danzeisen Dairy sold more than they did in June of 2018 of 2019, which Garcia attributes to the addition of home delivery.

As Danzeisan continues to increase retail sales, home delivery has added another avenue for future growth that’s here to stay, long past the pandemic, and has driven innovation for a company always asking, “what’s next?” The team hasn’t even yet tapped into the many marketing tools, including automated and targeted email campaigns, that come with Delivery Biz Pro.

One new innovation coming involves keeping their milk even colder. Garcia and the team are planning to sell electric coolers to customers to plug right into their porch. That way, even as customers gradually return to the office, that cold, farm-fresh milk will be ready for them as soon as they return.